Virtual Reality is set to revolutionise the gaming industry and LIGHTBLUE have been working with PlayStation Middle East to help bring PlayStation VR to the region. The goal of activation is to increase its awareness and allow consumers to try out this innovative & immersive experience.


This pre-launch campaign started with event activations in September 2015 at Games 15, and continued into 2016 with the first ever Bahrain Gaming Experience and Comic Con. Across these events, over 100,000 people have had exposure to PlayStation VR and 1,000s have had the chance to actually experience this revolutionary new gameplay.


LIGHTBLUE continue to support the pre-launch of PlayStation VR, with a number of retail activations and we’ve got plenty more events planned for the rest of 2016. Virtual reality as an experience has really opened up the reach of individual titles, store and console activations, as well as boosting pre-orders of PlayStation VR.


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